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This period attention nike free cheap large size hot out, prevent small yard free runs 3, recommended: 67893

Period review: drawing a lottery number 782, group of six, and a value of 17, a ratio of 1: 2, the size ratio 2: 1122, span 6.

Ten: nike free run 2 womens the open omit 9 period old yard 8, near 10 size ratio of 6: 4, big code continued to dominate, this period attention nike free run cheap to small cheap nike free vibration period free run 2 covering, prevent big code 7, recommended: 02347

A: go up period piece omit 12 period small yard 2, near 10 size ratio of 6: 4, lack of small yards out, big trend nike free run 2 all black mens of active code.

100: go up period piece omit 5 period old yard 7, near nike free run 4.0 womens 10 size ratio of 5: 5 be well-matched in strength, size, balance date, this period attention big code continues to be strong, prevent small yard 0, cheap free run 3 recommended: 56890

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